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Fostaire Helicopters

Fostaire Helicopters is one of the Midwest's longest standing and most respected helicopter organizations. Fostaire Helicopters is conveniently located approximately 5 minutes from downtown St. Louis, MO, at the St. Louis Downtown Airport in Sauget, IL.

Established in 1967, Fostaire Helicopters was and has been serving our many customers continuously ever since. We operate a varied fleet of Bell Helicopters to allow us to meet your needs with just the right aircraft. Bell helicopters have enjoyed the best safety record of any helicopter manufactured in the world. Combining that with our safety-minded and trained pilots allows us to offer you the safest product we can. Our aircraft are all owned by Fostaire Helicopters, and maintained here at our own facility by factory trained and FAA licensed technicians.

Our pilots are factory trained by Bell Helicopters instructors, in our own aircraft. This is in addition to the FAA recurrent training for our FAR 135 certification.

Our reputation has been built by our commitment to safety and our professional and reliable service. You can trust us to make certain that your next helicopter experience is an enjoyable one.

Fostaire Helicopters provides commercial helicopter services - We are FAA certified part 135 Air Carrier, FAA certified part 133 External Load Operator, FAA certified 145 Repair Station and are licensed to operate helicopter charter services and pleasure flights. We can provide advanced helicopter flight training, helicopter charter flights, scenic helicopter tours, helicopter emergency response and helicopter for aerial photography services throughout the United States.

Fostaire Helicopters Charter Services

Helicopter Charters for corporations, utilities, government agencies, individuals, production companies, and photographers.Let us pick you up at your door and deliver you to your destination in comfort and style!

Fostaire Helicopters provides busy corporate executives with a stress and hassle free transportation alternative. Impress that new prospect or old client with a Scenic Flight over the city or take a jaunt to one of our many area landmarks.

We pride ourselves on the talent of our team, the quality of our aircraft and our unblemished record of providing helicopter charter service since 1967.

Our customer list includes many corporations, utilities, government agencies, production companies and photographers.

aerial-photography-film-fostaireFostaire Helicopters provide a perfect smooth platform for aerial filming and aerial photography.

Our helicopters can be equipped with industry standard mounts for for motion picture, video and still photography.

Our pilots have years of experience in working with Film and Photography professionals and understand their needs and the shots they require. 

Call us now at (618) 337-4440 or Contact Us by email for ideas and a quote for your next project. Read more...

Reliability is what it's all about when it comes to transmission power lines. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Regulations and Standards and North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) Compliance issues for electric power lines have caused aerial patrols to become more important among electric utilities. That's where Fostaire can help.

Through our powerline patrols we can inspect the condition of the infrastructure. Aerial patrols can also play an integral part in your Vegetation Management Program by supplying the information needed to implement an effective plan to prevent contact with lines and ensure proper clearances.


sp-18673739-helicopter-silhouette-in-the-skyBeing located in the heart of the Midwest, Fostaire has the perfect combination of aircraft and geographical position to provide express cargo support and delivery.

We can handle any load from an emergency document delivery, medium sized boxed cargo, and lifting of up to 1,500 pounds. Read more...

helicopter-rides-scenic-adventure-fostaireOur Bell Long Ranger III, with passenger seating for 5, is ideal for corporate events and helicopter rides.

Helicopter rides are fun for all ages.